My grateful thanks for those of you who have written in after a purchase or attending one of my workshops or other events. I truly appreciate the time you have taken to let me know how you feel. In this day and age the feedback one receives is so important.

If you have bought some of my artwork, or attended a workshop or event, your comments are always welcome. I like to feature some of them here on the site, so others can read them - but if you prefer to keep them private do please let me know. Your email or address will never be published here.

I can be reached by email: rosi@rosirobinson.com, also on Facebook and Instagram

Rosi Robinson


We are certainly still enjoying your print, but are thinking of shifting house soon….that will be one that goes with us.

Penny and Alistair Clark

October 2018 - (New Zealand)

What phenomenal effects with batik. They are fabulous! Congratulations on your understanding and passionate use of batik


Feb 2021 (Venetian Reflection - batik)

We love the batik. It looks great - love it! Thank you! 


July 2020 (Commission - USA)

This is another masterpiece, I love it, too.


Jan 2021 (Peacock - batik)

The first and most important thing is that we really love the rowing-boat print we bought from you at Standen the other day. Having spent hours shuffling other pictures... we've ended up placing it on a wall overlooking the dining-room table. So every time we eat, there it is, bobbing above us. It's a beautiful picture.


January 2019 (Reflection of Boat - limited edition giclee print)

Thank you for all the photos and thoughts you are putting into our batik painting. I'm really excited about it joining our Venice one which has been so admired. I can gaze at it for hours, imagining what is happening in the canal around the corner.



March 2020 (Commission - Peggy's Cove Lighthouse - batik)

The batik painting looks really lovely! It really gives me pleasure. I enjoy the part where the trees meet the sky, and all the bushes at the left and the colours and everything - especially the house 'Bonny View'!

Mary F

November 2019 (Commission - Nova Scotia)

My parents hung their batik painting in their condo in Halifax. They love it!'

Jocelyne D

July 2020 (Commission - Amasek batik - Nova Scotia)

I think your new batik is incredible….I love it. You are a genius.'


Dec 2020 (Floating Leaves - batik)

Your work is incredible. Congratulations!

Endira H

Jan 2021 (Raindrops Keep Falling - batik)

Just amazing! Love this Rosi! 

Valerie H

Jan 2021 (Raindrops Keep Falling - batik)

Thank you for giving us permission to publish your picture in a magazine for contemplative members of the Society of St Francis. It will be used as a basis for a meditation.

Sister Ruth

July 2018 (Reflection of Boat - batik)

I absolutely love this one!!! I can spend hours looking at those reflections!! Thanks, this beauty! 

Mercedes R

Jan 2021 (Venetian Reflection - batik)

I absolutely love this, Rosi. Water being my thing…I believe you nailed it! 

Jude F

Jan 2021 (Reflection of Wharf - batik)

This is wonderful and quite inspiring - literally!

Linda M

Jan 2021 (Raindrops Keep Falling - batik)

Many thanks for hosting such a fun workshop and introducing me to batik. Love the surprise effects at the end of the process.


Workshop Testimonial - March 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. You are a talented artist and teacher, and I was so inspired by your class. Thank you for traveling all that way and sharing so much with our group!

Liz Z

Workshop Testimonial (Chicago)

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the workshop today. You are a gracious and skilled teacher. I never felt lost in the technical learning required of a new skill set and enjoyed the fact that you were present enough to answer questions and absent enough to let me try on my own. A wonderful balance.


Workshop Testimonial

Thank you again for being such an inspirational, kind and generous teacher.

Rachel B

Workshop Testimonial (Nov 2020)

I so enjoyed the weekend. All the colours around me since then, have been so much easier to see, brighter and more intense. Lovely. It was wonderful getting back to doing Batik again.

Gilly C

Workshop Testimonial (Nov 2020)

Thank you so much for your talk yesterday. I found your talk fascinating, particularly the history of all the different types of batik around the world. …. I am in awe of your skill though. I didn't realise that you could get such amazing detail in a batik picture. Really beautiful. ……You certainly brightened up a dull afternoon!

Margaret Lawson

Talk - Presentation - Winchester Embroiderer's Guild